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Enjoy a Skinny Life

Skinny Lager, a beer for every lifestyle.



Drink different

Skinny contains only 89 calories, 30% less than Lagers on the market, retaining, however, a decisive and full taste, besides a good alcohol content (4% vol.). In addition, it’s 100% vegan and, l last but not least, is gluten-free. Skinny beer, in fact, is produced with deglutinated barley malts that means also those who are intolerant or allergic to gluten can drink it.

  Drink responsibly

An innovative lager, therefore, made in the UK, with a strong personality and functional at the same time, uncompromising, both in terms of taste and in the wellbeing of the consumer.


Skinny is distributed exclusively in Italy by Foodness. Find out more here.


Visit the official Skinny site!