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It was the first Italian company to introduce the concept of Wellness in the Ho.re.ca sector

Functional properties

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Foodness is food market innovation through continuous research and development, based on maximum attention on consumers’ demands. Foodness focuses on the production and distribution of products suitable for people that have food intolerance and who are particularly attentive to ingredients and the quality of raw materials. Foodness’s products are strictly without hydrogenated fats, don’t contain GMOs and, where possible, are created using Organic raw materials; they don’t contain gluten, lactose or dairy products. The added value of Foodness products lies in finding the right balance between what is avoided, the “WITHOUT”, and what is put in, the “WITH”.

Your lifestyle,
our mission

Foodness manages to find the right solution for every lifestyle with a wide range of products useable outside the home.
For everyone attentive to the QUALITY of products and who prefers a rigorously ORGANIC diet, or for those who are, instead, rigorously VEGAN and VEGETARIAN and, finally, for all those who TAKE GREAT CARE OF THEIR BODIES. For those who live a FRENETIC and stressful LIFE. For SPORTY people who are always active and constantly want to boost their metabolism. And finally, last but not least, for all those who love to discover new tastes but who don’t want to renounce the established cultural tradition and quality of ITALIAN Food & Drink.





Vegan & Bio


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Special ingredients for daily wellbeing

It’s not just a question of simple natural ingredients. It’s the extracts that Foodness uses in its products that makes them so special. Plants, flowers, roots, berries and algae with endless properties that have had extremely important functions in various cultures for many centuries.


Sea Berry
Ginseng Panax
Dragon Fruit
Coconut sugar
Alga Ascophyllum Nodosum