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To call them ingredients…is inadequate

It’s been called the mushroom of immortality over the centuries due to its beneficial properties.

Ganoderma lucidum is not edible, but the powder of ganoderma or its extract are used as natural supplements which are very effective on the health.


Ganoderma is a mushroom, also called reishi, which grows on chestnut or oak shrubs, from spring to autumn. It’s very rich in tannins, and is known in oriental countries like China and Japan, where its cultivation is widespread and is turned into mixes for medicinal use. In particular, traditional Chines medicine attributes this mushroom properties that ensure health and long life.

Ganoderma, a natural medicine

Many health effects have been attributed to Ganoderma: it performs a general antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action; it has anti-allergic properties and is able to regulate the blood pressure. A number of the active elements of this mushroom, beta-glucans, act on the levels of cholesterol and glycaemia and improve the intestinal flora, and therefore indirectly regulate the immune system.  It’s therefore a substance that lends the body considerable adaptogenic capabilities regarding inputs arriving from the external environment.

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