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To call them ingredients … is inadequate

Ginger has three main benefits: it improves the digestion, accelerates the metabolism

and burns fats, is an anti-inflammatory agent and is a natural painkiller.



Ginger is an herbaceous plant from the Extreme Orient. As a matter of fact, in traditional Oriental medicine, ginger is used in the treatment of osteoarthritis, colds, as a stimulant for the heart and protects the gastric apparatus. In ancient times it was also called gengiovo, the origin of the English name, ginger.

Ginger, a plant with unique properties

Ginger has always been considered a plant with “miraculous” properties. Its active elements, gingerols, contained in the root, are responsible for numerous properties of ginger. It alleviates symptoms of nausea, and it has painkilling and anti-inflammatory powers. It has important antibacterial and antibiotic properties which help to alleviate cold symptoms. It’s also able to re-equilibrate bacterial flora, reduce cholesterol and is useful for treating rheumatisms, arthritis, strains and muscular pains.

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