Ginseng Panax

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To call them ingredients…is inadequate

Ginseng Panax is an herbaceous plant from the root of which a very widely used extract

has been obtained since ancient times in Chinese medicine, which considers this plant

an elixir of youth. 


An edible root with a bitter taste and numerous beneficial properties originating from eastern Asia and North America. There are various varieties of ginseng, but the most used is ginseng Panax, originally from Vietnam. The term Ginseng comes from the Chinese rènshen, which means “plant of man” because the form of its roots recalls a human form.

Ginseng, an energising root

It favours the ability of the organism to adapt to stress, reinforcing the immune, endocrine and nervous system and improves physical and mental capacity. Used principally as a remedy against stress, debilitation and fatigue, ginseng is a natural tonic thanks to its content of ginsenosides, its active ingredients that stimulate the organism, increasing psychophysical performances and improving the mood, thanks to the production of endorphins.

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