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To call them ingredients…is inadequate

It’s a plant originating from the Peruvian Andes
and is known for its considerable anti-stress properties.
It’s also rich in amino-acids and mineral salts.



Maca (Lepidium peruvianum G. Chacón, or Lepidum meyenii Walpers) is a plant belonging to the family of Brassicaceae. Also known by the name of ginseng of the Andes or Peruvian ginseng, its roots are used to obtain products for medicinal use.

Maca is a plant with multiple properties

Maca is a natural remedy attributed the ability to improve available energy and memory. Among its uses reported there is the treatment on anaemia, of chronic tiredness syndrome, menstruation problems, and symptoms of the menopause. In additions, it’s recommended for improving athletic performance, for favouring women’s hormonal equilibrium, for improving fertility, for increasing sexual desire and for strengthening the immune system.

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