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To call them ingredients … is inadequate

Schisandra is a plant with numerous properties: antioxidant: antioxidant, immunostimulant, pressure regulator, anti-stress agent, and stimulates the heart and the nervous system.

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Schisandra, scientific name, Schisandra chinensis, is a plant originating from northern China, belonging to the Schisandraceae family. Its Chinese name, Wu Wei Zi, means berry with 5 aromas. Its taste, in fact, is, at the same time, sweet, savoury, spicy acidic and bitter. The berries of the Schisandra have been used over time for various medicinal preparations and are considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. These herbs are said to promote long life and enhance vitality.

Schisandra, for an always-active mind

Reinvigorating properties are attributed, most of all, to Schisandra’s active elements, but also antioxidants and detoxifiers of the liver. Schisandra is, therefore, one of the best herbs for combatting psychophysical breakdown and, acting on the cortico-adrenal system, is also able to improve memory and concentration.

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