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To call them ingredients… is inadequate

With its typical spiral shape, this alga is considered a complete food. Being very rich in vegetable protein, besides being a source of numerous vitamins, such as B, K, E, D and A, essential amino-acids and mineral salts.
It has been defined as “the food of the future” due to the quantity of nutritious substances that it can provide to whoever eats it.


Spirulina is a micro alga that appears and grows spontaneously in the alkaline and salty waters of sub-tropical regions. It’s been known since antiquity for its nutritious properties and was cultivated also by the Aztecs, whose women consumed it during pregnancy. Today it’s cultivated in large artificial lakes in China and Mexico.

Spirulina, the food of astronauts

Appreciated, first of all, for its metabolic, toning-invigorating and nutritional properties, Spirulina has won over the world of nutrition, so much so that it was used in the routine diet of astronauts from NASA and the European Space AgencySpirulina helps to reinforce the immune system and is able to re-mineralise the bones, so it’s very useful in cases of osteoporosis. It can be considered as an excellent multivitamin supplement that provides energy for getting through the day. It also has antioxidant, detoxing and depurative properties.

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