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To call them ingredients… is inadequate

Called the “saffron of the Indies”, turmeric is an ancient spice rich in beneficial properties,

which in the last few years has become more widely known and used throughout the world!


Curcuma longa is an herbaceous plant. A spice is obtained from its rhizome which is much used in cooking. Originally from south-eastern Asia and already known by Marco Polo in 1280, it owes its yellow-orange colour to Curcumin, a polyphenol used in antiquity both as a colorant and as a natural medicine.

Turmeric, the plant for long life

Modern medicine has also recognised turmeric numerous beneficial virtues for the body.

It performs an important depurative function, supporting our body in the process of expelling toxins. Turmeric is also a powerful natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent, very useful for preventing and alleviating flu symptoms. It’s very effective for the heart and gastric functions; it stimulates the brain cells, improving the memory, and is an excellent ally of the metabolism. In conclusion, is a veritable natural medicine, very important for our organism.

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