convention 2019

Foodness Meeting 2019

Foodness’s strength is our union.

The annual meeting dedicated to our precious sales force was held on 15 March. It was an opportunity to describe the new developments awaiting us in 2019, review together our first 5 years and proudly present future innovations. New products are increasingly developed for those who suffer from food intolerance, vegans or vegetarians, athletes or people attentive to their health, and are therefore without sugars and allergens and rich in nutritious and functional ingredients such as matcha, spirulina, mica, ginger and schisandra.

To promote a corporate philosophy oriented on natural products and the free from concept, the findings of market research carried out by our partners Tradelab and Mintel were also presented, which show the constant growth of consumer interest in this type of product, particularly those without sugar.
Every consumer, in fact, has a different need compared to the past, and every need corresponds to a slice of the market. We are recognised as an ideal partner for bars with the objective of intercepting and satisfying all customers’ needs.
Both the professional Baretto machine, ultra-compact and with a double capsule system, and the Ginseng Life Free Amaro, the first ginseng really free of added sugars proposed also in the version with ginger and the Mixability enjoyed great success among the new products presented: the possibility of easily making drinks with a new and intriguing taste starting from our products, ideal for summere.
Talking of confirmations, Minicao, on the other hand, further established itself as the perfect way to drink an espresso but without coffee and with all the pleasure of fine Belgian chocolate. Support is given to the projects of the COCOA HORIZONS foundation committed to improving the quality of life of cocoa farmers and their families, and the revenues of sales of Mermaid Latte, the delicious drink based on Schisandra and dragon fruit go, in part, to the Veronesi Foundation to support it in the fight against breast cancer.