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Aloe vera to drink

Aloe vera to drink, in a convenient format in a tin, for a healthy refreshment!
With 30% of aloe vera pulp, without preservatives or colourings, Foodness’s Aloe Vera to drink is the perfect ally against the heat of the summer months.

Aloe is a perennial succulent plant, originating from the north east coast of Africa and the Mediterranean and has been used for thousands of years for various purposes by ancient civilisations: Egyptian, Chinese, Arab and Indian.

Discover the 3 delicious versions: Original, Ginger and Green & Lemon Tea.

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available formats

Can 250ml
Level of intensity

The variants


The extract of green tea and lemon juice make the beverage even more refreshing and enjoyable.

Intensity: 2/5
Bitterness: 1/5


With the addition of ginger juice, which adds a light and pleasant spicy touch to the beverage.

Intensity: 2/5
Bitterness: 1/5


The classic version, without colourings and preservatives, with 30% of aloe pulp.

Intensity: 1/5
Bitterness: 1/5