Palm oil free
gluten free
Hydrogenated fats free

Matcha FrostyCream

The gluten-free FrostyCream Matcha is the most viral on the web! It’s refreshing and has the typical taste of matcha tea; it’s perfect for combatting the torrid heat of summer and for increasing the likes on your Instagram profile, like only true “food instagramers” know how.

available formats

Tin 1 kg
Level of intensity
400 ml
Cup length
Aromatic profile
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Put 125 g of ice into the blender and lightly grind. Prepare 125ml of milk and pour half into the blender with 25gr of the powder mix. Blend at maximum power and gradually add the other half of the milk.

Blend until the mix takes on a creamy texture. Pour into a glass and serve to taste with whipped cream or chocolate topping.