gluten free

Minicao Gold

A delicate aroma of toffee and caramel, to pamper the child in each of us.

Gold fine Belgian chocolate, from which Minicao Gold is made, is created and prepared using carefully selected ingredients, such as caramelised sugar and caramelised milk.
A balanced caramel-chocolate flavour, with rich notes of toffee, butter and cream and the lightest final touch of salt from Brittany.

MINICAO supports the projects of the COCOA HORIZONS foundation, committed to improving the quality of life of cocoa farmers and their families.


available formats

Box 50 pcs
Level of intensity
35 ml
Cup length
toffee and caramel
Aromatic profile
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You can serve MINICAO plain or you can add something extra like whipped cream or orange and cinnamon.


Different preparation methods and technical details

  • Hot and Cold
    You can offer a complete range of hot and cold beverages with a single machine
  • Dual capsule dispenser

Dispensing capsule drinks with the 2 best-performing systems on the market: in professional capsules, in Keurig capsules or with a simultaneous mix of professional and Keurig capsules

  • Ultra-compact
    Small but created specially for satisfying all the requirements of a Bar