gluten free

Organic Barley Drink

The Barley Drink consumed after meals is perfect for those wishing to avoid caffeine.
It’s pleasant like a cup of coffee!

Foodness’s barley drink is guaranteed gluten-free in the 300 g packet format. This is because the content of the packet is used in our dispenser which has pre-imposed and non-modifiable parameters, and knowing perfectly the amount of product and water supplied, both for the small and for large cups, we can guarantee that the contents of gluten is far below the threshold of 20 PPM for each serving.
In addition, every batch, before being issued on the market, is subject to analysis by a specific laboratory that certifies the exact gluten content

available formats

Box 50 pcs
Bag 300 gr.
Level of intensity
30 ml
Cup length
Aromatic profile
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GENIUS COMPACT MACHINE - only for professional capsules

  • Hot & cold
    With just one machine, you can offer a comprehensive range of both hot and cold functional beverages.
  • Extremely compact
    Small but created specifically to cater to the needs of cafés and bars.
  • Zero maintenance

- for 1 kg packets

Up to 5 different products, available in small or large cup versions, for a total of 10 SELECTIONS!