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Back to Origins powdered chocolate with cane sugar: COCOA finally returns as an absolute protagonist.
Its uniqueness is due to its place of origin, completing characterizing the drink, both in its aroma and in its colour shade.

A hot chocolate for real experts who, exactly like wine, which differs according to where it’s produced, amazes with its original characteristics, in all senses.


SINGLE-ORIGIN, RIGHT DOWN TO THE AROMA: Created from a completely natural single-origin Columbian cocoa which keeps intact its original organoleptic properties. A flowery, harmonious and round taste. Light colour, typical of non-chemically treated cocoa.


SINGLE-ORIGIN SANTO DOMINGO: Created from a unique local type of bean harvested in a specific region of the Dominican Republic, which confers them unique characteristics of fragrance. A slightly bitter and fruity taste at the same time. Colour typical of Forastero cocoa.


SINGLE-ORIGIN RED CAMERUN: The tropical climate of Cameroon favours the production of this particular type of cocoa with the intense taste of raw cocoa. Trinitario and Forastero variety. Reddish colour and an intense taste.


ORGANIC CHOCOLATE: Biological means natural: what nature offers spontaneously, without manipulation and the use of chemical substances. Classic, pleasant and satisfying taste. Dark, shiny and uniform colour.


FIBRE CHOC WITH COCONUT SUGAR: A blend of low-fat cocoa with coconut, with a low-fat content and rich in fibre, ideal for those who want to treat themselves to a delicious treat but with a clean conscience. Source of fibre and less than 1% of fats. Mild taste.


NATURAL BLEND WITH COCONUT SUGAR: A non-Dutch-processed cocoa, which means not treated chemically, with a natural and original taste that is exalted by the aromatic notes of coconut sugar. Natural taste. Light colour of chemically untreated cocoa.


available formats

sachet Single dose
Level of intensity
120 ml
Cup length
Aromatic profile

The variants


With the light colour typical of non-Dutch-processed cocoa, which means not treated chemically,...

Intensity: 1/5
Bitterness: 1/5


Source of fibre, with less than 1% of fats, it’s the perfect drink for those who want to treat...

Intensity: 1/5
Bitterness: 1/5


It’s a chocolate that offers us a mix of tastes and combinations, completely natural and without...

Intensity: 1/5
Bitterness: 1/5


This chocolate with an intense taste and with a reddish colour, is particularly appreciated by...

Intensity: 1/5
Bitterness: 1/5


With the colour typical of Forastero cocoa, this drink with an aroma which is slightly bitter and...

Intensity: 1/5
Bitterness: 1/5


This chocolate is made from completely natural Columbian single-origin cocoa which maintains the...

Intensity: 1/5
Bitterness: 1/5
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Chocolate maker for single doses

Mix n. 1 sachet of hot chocolate with 100/120 ml of milk together in the glass jug. Simple place the jug on the support surface and press the appropriate button. After few seconds the hot chocolate is ready to serve.