Unicorn Latte spirulina

Spirulina: the best food of the 21st century

Considered by the WHO as “the best food of the XXI century”, alga spirulina is one of the ingredients of our very colourful UNICORN MILK. A source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, magnesium and potassium: spirulina is a veritable natural tonic. Let’s discover its benefits together.

It reinforces the immune defences thanks to the magnesium and iron content that improve the response of the immune system to attack by pathogens, and thanks to phycocyanin (a substance that gives it its light blue-green colour) which increases the production of antibodies and vitamin C which reinforces the organism’s defences. It’s a valuable help against anaemia thanks to its high concentration of vitamin B12, which intervenes in the synthesis of haemoglobin and is good for the heart and blood pressure. Fatty acids of the omega 3 group have, in fact, anticoagulant and vasodilatory properties that contribute to favouring the fluidity of blood, hindering the formation of coagulants, while the xanthophylls regulate blood pressure, acting on the substances responsible for the vasoconstriction of blood groups. Finally, the multivitamin, anti-oxidant and e protein-based action of spirulina-based supplements is suitable for people who practice sport: the alga seems to be useful for athletes that need to improve resistance and muscle tone.