cape epic wellness

Team Foodness at Cape Epic 2019

Foodness has always been a supporter of a wholesome and healthy lifestyle, sustained by appropriate sports activities.
Our passion for sport, and in particular, for cycling has led us to support this activity. Specifically, this year we are sponsoring Tommaso Elettrico and his amateur team, Pedale Elettrico. But not only.


We have travelled as far as South Africa, to the Cape Epic mountain-bike race. The race has been held annually since 2014 in the Western Cape and covers a distance of around 700 km for a total duration of 8 days, between prologue and stages.

Cape Epic is dedicated to an international public of bikers and is organised in teams of two people, who must necessarily stay together for the entire duration of the race in order to qualify for the final. Amateurs can also take part in the race, subject to a random draw to win a place. Victory is based on the speed of covering the distance, depending on the category.

This year the Foodness team compose of Andrea Olivi and Federico Caleghini took part in the race from 17 to 24 March to take our wellness philosophy onto the track.

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