tommaso elettrico

Tommaso Elettrico, our new ambassador

We have always supported a healthy lifestyle, assisted by correct sporting activity. This is why we can proudly inform you the choice of our new ambassador, Tommaso Elettrico, world Master cycling champion and prince of Gran Fondo in Italy. Would you like to know his story? Tommaso began his career in the Very Young category at the age of 11 and in the following years was in the young categories, in the Beginners and in the Cadets, confirming his talent.

To develop his cycling career, he was obliged to leave Basilicata and transfer to Tuscany where he would race with the “Giusti per l’Edilizia” shirt among the Juniors, and then passed to amateur category in the “Lucchini Delio Gallina” team (Lombardy) in 2006 and to “Promosport” (Veneto) in 2007. In 2008 he decided to abandon the amateur category to dedicate himself solely to what would become for him a launching pad and make his name for thousands of cycling enthusiasts, despite the fact that from then on he would be exclusively a long distance road cyclist. Victories like the pink shirt in the Amateurs Round Italy Race (2013), Italian FCI Road champion (2014), GF Sportful (2014), are achievements that give Tommaso the right motivation to continue to climb mountains and eat up kilometre after kilometre.