Alga Spirulina Unicorn Latte

Unicorn Milk: the magic drink captivating the internet

Perhaps few will have heard of it, but Unicorn Milk is already conquering the USA.

Don’t worry. It’s got nothing to do with high-calorie drinks full of colourants, as can be imagined looking at it. Instead, it’s a functional drink, with “amazing” ingredients, in the sense that they have sensational benefits for the body!

It was invented in an eating place in Brooklyn, The End, whose managers wanted to offer their customers a drink to be seen and good to taste, but ALL NATURAL. They defined it The maximum of psychedelic that you can obtain without using drugs”.



Unicorn milk, a drink that carries with it an aura of magic and mystery, is composed of: spirulina Blu Majik, ginger, coconut milk, maca powder, honey, lemon juice. A concentration of wellness everywhere, which combines the digestive and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger with the toning and balancing properties of maca and with the nutrient, energizing and antioxidant properties of spirulina.

The “magic powers” of this super-drink? According to its creators “it makes you fly high” with its functional properties! It’s recommended as a tonic rather than a sports drink, or as a help for concentration before work or study. This is all possible without any caffeine content.

The super-milk comes in the form of a smooth and creamy shake, with a blue-green colour. It’s ideal for numerous decorations: stars, coloured powders, grains or, for nature lovers, eatable flowers. It can also be said that, besides its functional properties it’s also very photogenic and looks good on Instagram (write #unicornlatte and you will be impressed!), to such an extent that it’s like arriving in a My Little Pony story (who didn’t watch that?).

Spirulina is the star ingredient of Unicorn Milk. As a matter of fact, besides giving the drink a bright and varied colour, it gives the milk nutrients, being rich in vitamin B, minerals and protein.

It’s a complete food: rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, amino-acids and mineral salts. It’s no coincidence that it’s known as “the food of the future”.


Also for this reason it has become a trend, so much so as to convince Starbucks to create a Unicorn Frappuccino, in a limited edition, obviously.

It’s only a question of time before it arrives in Italy to allow us to experience its benefits and to enrich our Instagram board with Unicorn photos!
If, however, we can’t wait, here’s how to prepare one at home:

Have fun!